Bariatric Pyramid: Guideline to Bariatric Surgery Patients

The key to weight loss success after surgery and to maintain it is long term diet and lifestyle modifications.  The changes caused by surgical intervention require  adherence to diet guidelines to obtain adequate nutrition. While our  team  will equip you with diets and programs necessary for your post surgical needs, a long term nutritional plan for lifelong maintenance is vital.
For those of you who have undergone bariatric surgery, you know your daily food consumption differs from others; meeting your nutritional requirements requires a change in thinking to avoid any nutritional deficiencies. We are happy to have this visual tool and the recognition of a modified pyramid for bariatric surgery patients.
A few quick tips from the bariatric food pyramid are as follows:
Everyday Items
o Calcium & Vitamin D
o Iron
o Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral
o Vitamin B 12
o Fluids – preferably water
o Exercise
o High protein
o low fat
o 4-6 servings a day – see pyramid for portion guidelines
High Fibre, Low Calorie
o Vegetables
o low sugar fruits
o high sugar fruits
o Vegetable oils
o 2-3 servings a day – see pyramid for portion guidelines
Whole Grains & Cereals
o Cereals
o Legumes
o Tubers
o 2 servings a day – see pyramid for portion guidelines
Pyramid Tip (Basically foods to avoid)
o high saturated & trans fat foods
o high sugar foods
o carbonated &/or alcoholic beverages

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