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What precautions do I need to take After Surgery

Showering : Depending upon the type of repair you had, you may be able to shower in a day or two. Make sure to ask your doctor whether you need to keep your incision(s) dry and for how long.

Walking : Do it from the next day of surgery. It increases circulation, which speeds healing, but doesn’t strain the abdomen.

Driving : In majority of our patients, we advise to start driving in a weeks’ time. However, sometimes you may to avoid driving for a bit longer time if the hernia was very large.

Lifting : Avoid it for at least the first week. Then lift only very light objects that are easy to manage. As you slowly begin to lift more, use your knees and your back, not your abdominal muscles.

Working : Some people return to work within a week. It will depend on the type of surgery you had and the type of work you do. If your work involves a lot of physical activity, you may not be ready to go back for a few weeks. Talk with your doctor about how and when to resume working.

Sports : You will not be able to play sports or engage in strenuous exercise for a 2-3 weeks. It will depend largely on the type of surgery you had – and the type of activity. Make sure to ask your doctor about resuming exercise routines or playing sports.

Sex : Ask your doctor when it’s appropriate for you to resume sexual activity. Your physical comfort will provide a good guide.

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