• Performing hernia surgery for over 15 years with approximately 1000 surgeries of experience.
  • We always believe in a good team work and all the surgeries are performed by team of surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Our surgical techniques ensure immediate relief of your symptoms. The post-operative care and full time availability and accessibility of our dedicated team ensures to make your surgical journey a pleasant experience.
  • Our dedicated dieticians and nutritionists recognizes the unique requirements of each patient and provides customized diet plans and individualized, one-on-one care.
  • We believe in evidence based practice and our approach and management of hernia is completely based on international guidelines.
  • Our clinic is affiliated to some of the very fine hospitals in delhi and depending upon your preference, we help in deciding the hospital which fulfil all your requirements.
  • We have a team of dedicated surgeons who have expertise in all advanced surgical techniques of hernia repair .
  • We always work toward low risk, fast recovery and cost effective hernia surgery.

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