How long does the patient stay in hospital after surgery ?

Once a diet is tolerated, patients leave the hospital. Most patients go home the next day after surgery and some may even go home on the same day of surgery.

When can the patient resume normal activities ?

We usually encourage our patient to start walking 4 hours after  the surgery. Next morning , after the discharge from the hospital,we advise our patients to increase their activity levels gradually and should walk for longer and longer distances. They  can start taking the shower from next day of surgery and can start driving after 3-4 days of surgery depending upon your comfort levels. You shall be able to join your job back in a weeks’ time.

Do the patient have to take dietary precautions for life long ?

We advise our patients to take low-fat diet for 2 weeks following  surgery. During this time, the digestive system gets adapted to work without gall bladder and after this period, majority of our patients don’t  have to follow any dietary restrictions. However, one should aim to have a healthy well-balanced diet (including some fats), which can aid your recovery and  improve your general health.

Is the laparoscopic surgery same as laser surgery ?

Patients often get confused between laparoscopic surgery and  laser surgery. we would like to emphasize that  there is no treatment like laser surgery to remove the gall bladder. The gall bladder is always treated by  laparoscopic approach. The procedure is quite standardized and whether the surgeon removes it by 4 holes( conventional laparoscopic approach) or by a single hole (single port surgery) depend upon the expertise of the surgeon.

People often complain of bloating or gas in abdomen following surgery ?

About 10% of patients undergoing surgery experience bloating or gaseous abdomen. Some patients might even experience diarrhea. However, these symptoms tend to settle down with time as our body gets adapted to work without gall bladder. Our nutritionists help patients by preparing customized diet plans to tide over this period and provide meal plans to reduce bloating of abdomen. If these symptoms persist, with some modification in dietary habits and life style, patients experience relief from these symptoms.

Can every patient undergo single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy ?

Presently, about 80% of our patients undergo single incision surgery successfully.  However , in cases of acute cholecystitis( when the gall bladder is severely inflamed or infected)  or severe obese patients we usually advice for 3-4  port or holes  laparoscopic surgery.

Is there medical treatment to dissolve gallstones?

There is no drug which can help in dissolution of gall stones. However,  if the stone are very tiny and occur after a prolonged illness or fever, medicines can be given. It has been seen that less than 5% of the patients are benefited but for a short period of time. The stones will recur in a few months time as soon as the medicines are stopped

Do gallstones always require surgery?

If gallstones are diagnosed on a scan but have never caused any symptoms , then an expert opinion from a surgeon is taken and in majority of cases surgery is not recommended. However, if gall stones have started causing symptoms such as pain, then it is better to get operated before the complications such as jaundice or pancreatitis set in. The only definitive and curative treatment for gall stone is surgery.

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