Single incision surgery” or “single site surgery”  or “single port surgery” is a very exciting and sophisticated  modality in the field of minimal access or laparoscopic surgery and is the best treatment of gall bladder stones. It works for further reducing the scars of standard laparoscopy and almost turns out to be  scarless surgery.

Before we understand the advantages  associated with single port surgery, let us see how the conventional laparoscopy works.

  • In conventional laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon creates  four small openings in your  abdomen as seen in the photograph below.
  • Through these small openings a small, thin ,tube like video camera called a laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen.  This camera projects images of the tissues on to the screen.
  • Long thin instruments are inserted into the abdomen and the surgeon operates or does the dissection with the help of these instruments by looking onto the screen.
  • In a typical laparoscopic gallbladder operation, four incisions are involved—one for the laparoscope, the others for instruments to retract organs and to detach and remove the gallbladder.
  • At the end of surgery, patient is left with 4 small incisions on different areas of the abdomen.

Gallbladder removal surgery is a very common procedure of removing gallbladderSingle site surgery the best treatment of gall bladder stones

However, with single port surgery, a small incision of about 1.5 cm is created inside the belly button or umbilicus thus making the incision practically invisible, hence resulting in a more aesthetic appearance.

All the equipment including the telescopic camera  goes through this one incision,and the surgery is carried out through this port only.

This makes the job of the surgeon a bit more challenging and  a good team work, good optics, experience and expertise are mandatory to carry out the surgery successfully.

The technique is not focused on eliminating scars, but rather minimizing them and placing them in  such a manner that they are completely hidden and invisible. Apart from better cosmesis, patient also experiences

  • less post-operative pain.
  • faster recovery time.
  • fewer complications.

However, the single-port technique is not appropriate for everyone and as with all other procedures, there are certain contraindications to the procedure. Patients who may need a more traditional procedure would be:

  • those who are  super- obese.
  • already had multiple previous abdominal surgery.
  • have cirrhosis of the liver.
  • have  severe infection.

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