The treatment of gerd is multi directional and it is the cause, severity of symptoms and development of complications decide whether the patient should be offered a surgical or non- surgical method for the management of gerd. The non-surgical or conservative treatment for gerd incluced life style modifications and medicines.

 Life Style Modifications

In vast majority of patients, certain life style modifications is all that is required for treatment of GERD. Some of the life style modifications include:

  • Raising head end of bed:

Raising head end of bed usually work for patients who experience heart burn regularly at night (nocturnal GERD). Gravity plays an important role in preventing reflux. Maintain an upright posture for at least 3 hours after dinner so that the meal is digested.

Tip: Don’t lie on bed within 3 hours of eating. That’s when acid production is at its peak. Plan early dinners and avoid bedtime snacks. If possible, put wooden blocks under the legs at the head of the bed to elevate it by at least 6 inches. One can also use a solid foam wedge under the head portion of the mattress.

  • Avoid large meals

Patients suffering from GERD should take small meals especially the dinner. In fact, the best policy is to take small meals at regular intervals and no snacks during bedtime. It is best for them to eat early in the evening so that the meal is digested at bedtime.

Tip: Avoid large meals, especially during dinner time. Try to make the mid-day meal your main meal.

  • Watch your diet

There are certain foods which causes increased reflux and hence should be avoided.  It includes fats, onions, tomatoes, chocolate etc. Alcohol is known to trigger heartburn by increasing stomach acid production. Common beverages such as coffee, tea, tomato juice, citrus juice, cola may also aggravate symptoms.

Tip: There might be certain foods which do not suit your body. It is very important to identify such foods and learn which food items works best for you. Start by reducing fatty foods, onions, and chocolate. Use lozenges or gum to keep producing saliva.

  • Other Factors

Obesity can promote reflux. Excess abdominal fat puts pressure on the stomach resulting in reflux and the loss of even a moderate  amount of weight makes reflux better,

Pregnancy often leads to heartburn, especially in the first three months. Certain hormones appear to weaken the LES, and the increasingly crowded abdomen encourages reflux.

Tip: Reduce weight and avoid wearing tight-fitting garments.

Medicines for GERD Treatment

Therapy though medicines may be the most appropriate next step for the treatment of GERD, if diet and lifestyle changes alone do not resolve symptoms. For many patients, treatment with medicines will reduce heartburn and reflux symptoms.

You must consultant your doctor or contact us before taking any medicines. we at our centre do a proper evaulation , assess the severity of symptoms and prescribe medicines accordingly.

Treatment for Gerd by modification in lifestyle

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