•  The team at our centre provides holistic management for GERD or acid reflux disorder. Our team comprises of gastroenterologists, surgeons and nutritionists which have a vast experience in their respective fields.
  • A complete and thorough evaluation of patient is carried out which includes assessing the cause, severity of symptoms and associated complications.
  • Based on the findings, various treatment options are offered to the patient in accordance with international guidelines.
  • Our full time accessibility ensures quick management of your problems. Our nutritionists keep a close look over your dietary patterns and helps in identifying food items which triggers your acid reflux problem.
  • In case, if surgical approach is necessary for treatment of GERD , our team has a vast experience of carrying out Nissen Fundoplication. Our team carries out the procedure through laparoscopic method. It is  the best, latest and most advanced form for management of GERD and ensures faster recovery, less pain and early discharge from the hospital.
  • All the surgeries are performed by a team of surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • We believe in evidence based practice and our approach towards management of GERD is completely based on international guidelines.
  • Our centre is affiliated to some of the very fine hospitals and depending upon the patient’s preference, we help in deciding the hospital which fulfil all his requirements.
  • We always work toward low risk, fast recovery and best outcome treatment modality.

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