The Gabp  ring  device is an annular restrictive ring placed around the newly surgically created pouch during a gastric bypass procedure or sleeve gastrectomy to provide a stabilized pouch outlet.When these rings are placed around a newly created stomach pouch, it is called banded sleeve gastrectomy  or banded gastric bypass.

MiniMizer Ring , another option but principally works similar to GABP ring , is flexible, easy to control, as well as thin and elastic enough to slow down food progression without stopping it completely. The MiniMizer is also easy to close and reopen which might be necessary if patient is developing stenosis.

GaBP ring implantation is a procedure of placing a band or ring around the stomach pouchGaBP Ring Autolock System for Banding Gastric Bypass Surgery

How it works

It has been seen that  faulty dietary habits post bariatric surgery or due to its natural ability of stomach to distend, the surgically created pouch either in sleeve or gastric bypass gets dilated thereby increasing the capacity of stomach. As a result, patient tends to eat more thereby neutralizing the effect of bariatric surgery to large extent and patient starts gaining weight.

This ring is placed laparoscopically around the new surgically created pouch and acts as a guard by preventing distention of stomach beyond a particular point. This ensures long lasting results in patients undergoing weight loss surgeries.

If the patient adheres to the nutritionist guidelines they will not feel the ring. However, if they do not follow to the dietitian’s guidelines the ring will restrain the  pouch emptying in case the  food bolus is large, if patient tries to eat food quickly  or the patient does not chew food adequately.

Benefits of a banded procedure:

  • Ensures higher rate of success in majority of patients, especially who are super obese.
  • Reduces rate of gastric outlet problems at the anastomosis.
  • Higher success rate for weight loss means lesser need for revision surgeries.
  • Reduces the complications associated with pouch outlet dilation, including inadequate weight loss, weight regain, GERD, dumping syndrome, and reactive hypoglycemia.


Should Every Patient Undergoing Surgery Receive Ring

We usually advise for  ring insertion in patients  who are less than 40 years old and have a high BMI of >40.

When the psychological evaluation defines the patient as very compulsive, potential defaulter and  non- compliant with the dietary and life modification rules after surgery, we strongly recommend for Gabp ring or minimizer band.The banded surgery promises to deliver a better and sustained weight loss in such type of patients.

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