About 10% of the patients who had undergone  weight loss surgeries may present after months to few years complaining of weight regain, insufficient weight loss or intolerable side effects after primary bariatric surgery and some of such patients are candidates for revision bariatric surgery.

A detailed examination and evaluation is required to establish the cause of inadequate weight loss or weight regain.

Some of the reasons of weight regain or inadequate weight loss:

  • Medical/Physiological conditions: one of the most common cause of weight regain. There are certain medicines which can cause weight gain as their side effect. These medications can be substituted so as to prevent weight gain. Similarly, endocrine disorders like hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome can cause weight gain.
  • Decreased physical activity or exercise: Such patients should be regularly motivated and sent to certified physical trainers to ensure adequate weight loss.
  • Poor dietary habits: Proper counselling by bariatric nutritionists and detailed evaluation to establish the reason for poor dietary habits, any stress or any emotional disturbances leading to change in eating habits.
  • Status of bariatric surgery– there is a possibility of stomach or pouch dilatation or their might be some other problem with surgery. A proper evaluation by investigations may give an insight into weigh regain.

Faqs about revision bariatric surgery

How many patients need to undergo revision bariatric surgery?

according to international literature, about 10 % of the patients need to undergo revision surgery for various reasons. This may include inadequate weight loss, weight regain, or any complication arising from previous surgery. At our Centre, we ensure level best to avoid revision surgery and only after all other conservative methods are exhausted, a proper evaluation is carried out and then surgery is planned out accordingly.

What are the exercise tips in order to avoid weight regain?

Exercise is critically important for any kind of weight loss programme and complemented with good dietary plans ensure healthy, effective and sustainable weight loss. We, at our Centre, helps you to develop good exercise habits and ensure to develop an exercise regimen which can be carried for a long time. Few tips to exercise are:

  • Exercise in moderation
  • Don’t be repetitive
  • Maintain a balance between outdoor sports activity and exercise
  • Find someone to exercise with
  • Exercise under supervision of certified physical trainer

What are dietary tips in order to avoid weight regain?

  • Eat balanced diet
  • Don’t fall into crash weight loss types of diet
  • Start dieting under the trained bariatric nutritionist
  • Develop dietary habits which are sustainable for life long.
  • Eat small frequent meals.

Is every patient of weight regain a candidate for revision surgery?

Every patient presenting with weight regain is never a candidate for revision bariatric surgery.  In fact, after ruling out all other causes of weight regain and ensuring proper dietary and exercise compliance, a decision to re perform the surgery  is taken.

What types of revision surgery are available?

Depending upon the primary bariatric surgery, results of previous surgery, patient satisfaction levels and the duration in which weight gain has taken place, status of co morbidities type of revision is planned.

  • Adjustable Gastric banding: can be revised to sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy: if inadequate weight loss, it can be converted to gastric bypass or duodenal switch
  • Rou en y gastric bypass: can be converted to duodenal switch
  • Mini gastric bypass: can be converted to roux en y gastric bypass.

What should one do in order to avoid weight regain?

  • Healthy dietary habits
  • Balanced exercise regimen
  • Regularly attending bariatric support groups
  • Regular follow ups with your surgeon or physician
  • Ensuring long lasting life style modifications as advised by our team

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