Single incision surgery” or “single site surgery”  or “single port surgery” is a very exciting new modality in the field of minimal access surgery which works for further reducing the scars of standard laparoscopy and towards scarless surgery.Single Port Surgery is also called single incision laparoscopic surgery for weight loss

Before we understand the advantages  associated with single port surgery, let us see how the conventional laparoscopy works.

In any type of laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes the needed incisions (typically 4 to 5 holes of about 5mm to 1 cm), inserts instruments through the incisions, and uses a miniature video camera called a laparoscope to see inside the patient. For example, in a typical weight loss surgery done through laparoscopic method, four incisions are involved—one for the laparoscope, the others for instruments to retract organs to carry out the surgery.

However, with single port, all the equipment goes through one incision, leaving the patient with one incision at the umbilicus (belly button), rather than the usual four.

The technique is not focused on eliminating scars, but rather minimizing them to one well-obscured or almost hidden scar. Surgeons performing SPA surgery also state that in addition to better cosmetic results, many patients have:

  • less post-operative pain.
  • faster recovery time.
  • fewer complications.

As with all new technology, the single-port technique is not appropriate for everyone. Patients who may need a more traditional procedure would be:

  • have had multiple previous abdominal surgery
  • have cirrhosis of the liver
  • have dense adhesion in the  abdomen
  • patients who are super obese

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